Lost Traces Of The Far Side

by The Fair Sex


TFS are back.
The first sign of life gained happy applause from fans & press.

The MCD Lost Traces Of The Far Side includes four new recordings mirroring and mingling elements of the past and nowadays.

The dominant title on this MCD is "Lost Trace" which is presented in two different forms: the "Always"-Version constitutes the broken, fragile song-variant, quite close to the (yet unreleased) original version. The vocoder refrain reveals dramatic dimensions which is unique within the TFS style. The "Misplaced"-Version of "Lost Trace" is the bassdrum-ruled dancefloor mix, initiated by an outstanding melancholic intro.
"The Far Side" combines typical 80ies aesthetics with modern elements, thick guitars, the typical TFS antiphonal singing and a catchy refrain.
"The Palace Of The Bad" finally is a mischievous homage to "The House Of Unkinds", a classic of The Fair Sex from the oldest days. The band chose the electronic mix of "The Palace Of The Bad" as MCD-version.


released May 17, 2002



The Fair Sex Germany

THE FAIR SEX was founded in late 1984 in Essen.

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